TLF have been active members of War Thunder since the launch of the global beta in 2013 in various clans, and formed The Lucky Few in July 2020

War Thunder is the primary game played by TLF members, with tanks and planes from reserve up to 10.7, so there is always someone ready to play with you, no matter what BR you are at.

So, with all the clans on War Thunder, why join us?

  • We are a truly international clan, with members online at all times of the day and night.
  • Because we are an open membership, accepting players of all skill and rank to help further their progression.
  • We are active in both the casual and competitive play, using a structured approach for Squadron Battles with dedicated Air and Ground leads, helping to drive our success.

With a relaxed mindset, friendly atmosphere, and a goal to create a truly global and encompassing squadron, why not join our TeamSpeak and have a chat with us today!

Stay Lucky!

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